Comfortable high-quality safety sneaker


Stylish safety sneaker with sporty elements. A lightweight design and outstanding climate characteristics ensure that the Obelix stands out from the crowd. The shock-absorbing outsole and removable insole ensure maximum comfort. Thanks to the high SRC slip resistance the safety sneaker prevents you from slips, trips, and falls. As a result: maximum comfort and reliable safety.

Product Highlights

ELECTROSTATIC DISCHARGE (ESD) – ESD provides the controlled discharge of electrostatic energy that can damage electronic components and avoids risks of ignition resulting from electrostatic charges. Volume resistance between 100 Kilo-Ohm and 35 Mega-Ohm.

BREATHABLE LEATHER UPPER – Natural leather provides a high degree of wearer comfort combined with durability in versatile applications.

HEEL ENERGY ABSORPTION – Heel energy absorption reduces the impact of jumps or running on the body of the wearer.

S3 – S3 safety shoes are suitable for work in an environment with high humidity and presence of oil or hydrocarbons. These shoes also protect against perforation risk of the sole, and foot crushing.

SRC SLIP RESISTANCE – Slip resistant soles are one of the most important features of safety and occupational footwear. SRC slip resistant soles pass both SRA and SRB slip resistant tests, they are tested on both steel and ceramic surfaces.

ALUMINUM TOECAP – Aluminium toecaps bring the resistance of steel toes to a lighter weight (30-50% lighter than steel). Alloy toes have a low profile, which makes them ideal for sportive safety shoes. The average weight of the aluminium cap is about 50/60 gr.

Product Description

  • Upper – Waterproof Suede
  • Outsole – Rubber
  • Toecap – Aluminium
  • Midsole – Anti-puncture Textile
  • Lining – 3D-Mesh
  • Footbed – SJ foam footbed
  • Safety category – EN ISO 20345 – S3 / ESD, SRC
  • Sample weight – 0.597 gr.
  • Size range – EU 35-48 / UK 3.0-13.0 / US 3.0-13.5 / CM 23.0-31.5

Industries: Automotive, Catering, Cleaning, Construction, Food & beverages, Industry, Logistics, Uniform

Environments: Dry environment, Extreme slippery surfaces, Wet environment

Maintenance instructions: To extend the life of your shoes, we recommend to clean them regularly and to protect them with adequate products. Do not dry your shoes on a radiator, nor nearby a heat source.

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