ORAPI OPAL – 4978 – Antimicrobial Fruits & Vegetables Cleaner
ORAPI SANIKLEANER – 4255 – Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Sanitizer & Deodorizer

ORAPI REBOUND – 5314 – Automatic Dishwasher Detergent

Economic dishwashing detergent formula

Degrease all dishes, glasses and cutleries

Washes away residue and provides an amazing shine

Easily remove the toughest stains

Designed for professional dishwashing machine

Technical Data Sheet: REBOUND 5314 (Economy Dishwashing Detergent)


REBOUND is a chlorinated low foaming liquid designed for dishwashing machines.

REBOUND provides outstanding economy and performance to tackle the toughest proteins, starches and stubborn grime on dishes, glasses and cutleries

REBOUND is recommended for dishwashing machines in hotels, restaurants, caterings, F&B outlets and food processing industries.

▪ Higher alkalinity and double strength chlorine to provide extra strength cleaning
▪ Low foaming properties
▪ Brightest results (less water spotting and streaks) thanks to an excellent rinse ability
▪ Contains a sequestrant to ensure excellent performance in hard water
▪ Eliminates the scale formation within the washing machine
▪ Better machine performance (less pump trouble)
▪ Cost effective


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