iMEC C10 Window Cleaning Set

iMEC S14 Hand Squeegee

Glass Cleaner Wiper Squeegee for Window Cleaning, IMEC S14, 35cm (Blue)

Product Code : 1-031-00-B
Name : iMEC S14 Window Squeegee
Quantity per Carton : 1
Weight: 186gm
Size (cm): 35 (L) x 14 (H)
Rubber material: Silicon

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Products Description

  1. To remove the cleaning fluid or water from a window, glass & mirror surface
  2. Clean glass with water/detergent
  3. Lightweight design and ergonomic handle for maximum user comfort
  4. Highly efficient and easy to use
  5. Non-slip rubber grip works well in all weather conditions (won’t slip when wet)
  6. Less effort needed & fast during cleaning glass window
  7. Straight rubber blade
  8. Excellent for windows, glass & mirror
  9. High-quality rubber leaves a streak-free shine
  10. Best to use with W14 strip washer
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